virtual wellbeing retreats


mind & body


conscious creativity (45 minutes - 3 hrs)


45 minutes to 3 hours (inc break) of creative team building exercises that will help develop interrelationships between colleagues, promote creative thinking, stimulate problem solving reflexes and create a fun environment of inclusive play.  These sessions can be tailored around activities best suited for the group and can use a variety of mediums: writing, improvisation, painting/drawing or just fun games of playfulness.


movement (45 minutes)


45 minutes of simple yogic-based movement to promote greater health of the body and mind. This yogic practice will promote tension and stress relief, as well as support those who lead slightly more stagnant lifestyles or typically work at a desk for prolonged periods of time.


micro practices on how to deal with stress (45 minutes)


This session is a compilation of stress management techniques that use the breath, mind and body. When life feels overwhelming or stressful, we tend to grasp for a lifeline...these micro-practices can be that lifeline. The micro-practices learnt during this session can also be used as a pre-work warm-up (helping you activate our innate energy) and post-work to help us cool down and come back to centre.




guided meditation (45 minutes)


A session exploring guided meditation techniques to help calm and concentrate the mind. This will help lower heart rate whilst alleviating stress and anxiety, promoting mental clarity.


breathwork (45 minutes)


A session exploring the full potential of our breath. Conscious breathwork will teach you to manipulate your breath with simple yogic techniques, helping control your breathing rate, stress levels and energy expenditure. This has the potential to increase one's mind-body connection helping promote an overall sense of peace & wellbeing.


nidra & restorative yoga (45 minutes)


Our Yoga Therapist Sam Maguire focuses on gentle somatic movements and supported restorative poses to encourage improved energy flow around the body to ease physical tension along with specific breathwork. The simple yet powerful practice of Yoga Nidra allows for further physical, emotional and mental release and calming of the nervous yoga experience required, just a desire to relax and optimise your own well-being.


food & drink

urban permaculture microgreens (45 minutes - 1 hour)


A “how to” workshop on Microgreens: a guide on growing highly nutritious superfood without needing a garden that is low tech and easy, requiring minimal space with maximum benefits. Microgreens are the first 7-10 days of growth of leafy green vegetables and herbs like broccoli, kale, radish, cabbage and coriander. Studies have shown that these shoots have a potency of up to 4-40 times the mature vegetable. They also have concentrated minerals and vitamins which boost your health massively!


yogi live cooking (minimum 1 hour, length dependant on dish)


This live virtual cooking class will be an interactive session to help make meal times yummier and easier: a guide on how to make a one-pot-wonder* that’s both packed full of nutrients and deliciously yogic.


immune boosting snacks


Learn how to make healthy & immune boosting snacks at home, for yourself or even your kids! We'll make immune-boosting gummies, energy protein balls, and a heart-warming healing turmeric tea.


healing powers


personalised aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient ways of natural healing. Using essential oils, we'll make some bespoke scents that you can use along the day. From stress relieving to energy boosting, we've got you covered! The oils will be use in rollerball bottles, for easy application on pulse points.

healing tonics & teas

A fresh new workshop about making your own traditional & modern remedies that make you feel amazing. From charcoal and turmeric shots to detox and sleepy teas, we’ll show you how to make your own at home.

edible face care

Time to take care of yourself: we'll show you how to make 3 recipes that you can use for your personal face care, but using edible ingredients! Think coconut oil, granulated sugar or rice granules for exfoliants, earl grey tea, mint and rose... You'll make a face scrub, a face mask and a face toner.


flower arranging


virtual flower arranging workshop (1 – 1.5hrs)


Join Studio Lupine to create one of their signature vase arrangements via zoom. The package will include all the flowers shown in the image on the left, as well as a vase and floristry scissors.


This package can be edited slightly to fit the needs of the client.


We want you to get the most out of this experience and therefore we will work with you to create a tailored immersive wellbeing package for your employees in the form of a quarter, half or full day virtual retreat.


step 1 – Let us know your budget, number of employees and a brief description of the type of activities you are looking to include.


step 2 – We will create a tailored package to suit your requests.


step 3 – Enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more productive team.


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